Pediatric Chiropractor in Athens GA

Anthony Chiropractic believes that children deserve the opportunity to be as healthy as they can be! The early years of a child’s life are very important to their later health and development. 

Chiropractic Care for Children

Chiropractic Care for Children

Many parents wonder if it is okay to take kids to a children’s chiropractor. The answer is a resounding YES! A chiropractor for children understands that education is key. An infant, toddler, child, adolescent, and adult all have the same joints. However, they are all very different chiropractic patients and the elasticity and development of those joints differ substantially.

Growing up can be physically traumatic to the body as children learn to crawl, walk, run and begin spending time playing sports and other recreational activities. Misalignments of the spine, or vertebral subluxations, can occur causing stress on the central nervous system which interferes with the body’s ability to function as it should. 

Therapeutic Chiropractic Adjustments For Kids

A gentle pediatric chiropractic adjustment will remove this interference and allow the body to heal naturally.  Anthony Chiropractic’s treatment begins with a thorough examination. We will then create a proper care plan and provide gentle specific adjustments, and spinal manipulations, to ensure proper spine and nervous system health and development.

Musculoskeletal Conditions, such as Scoliosis

Digestive Issues




Sleep Issues


Autism Spectrum Disorders

Concentration and Focus Issues

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Ear Infections

Improve Immune System Health


Vertebral Subluxations in Children and Infants

The term “subluxation” is used by doctors of chiropractic medicine to describe the incorrect position of the spinal vertebra and subsequent functional loss. Subluxation was added to the chiropractic vocabulary in 1907 by D.D. Palmer, considered by many to be the father of modern chiropractic treatments in the United States. 

 Chiropractic Doctors see subluxation as a process during which the tissues undergo constant changes, rather than a static condition. Spinal subluxation occurs when one or more spinal vertebrae move out of position, creating stress or irritation on adjacent nerves. 

Vertebral Subluxations in Children and Infants  Chiropractic

Traumatic Birth Syndrome

Traumatic Birth Syndrome (TBS) occurs when an infant’s spine is injured during or shortly after a delivery resulting in nerve system damage or interference which can lead to dysfunction and other health problems. An examination by an infant chiropractor is the only way to determine the presence and severity of TBS. 

This Disorder Is Seen In Cases Where:

  • The head, neck, or any part of the spine or pelvis of the baby have been pulled or twisted during the birthing process
  • The birth process is significantly prolonged
  • The delivery process is extremely difficult
  • Extraction aids are used during delivery (devices such as: forceps, vacuum, etc.)
  • The infant is delivered by Caesarian section

An infant’s spine straightens and gains length by up to 50% by the time they reach 12 months of age.  At no other time does this growth happen so quickly. In order to ensure your child is in proper alignment and promote proper symmetrical growth, the trusted doctors at Anthony Chiropractic will perform a gentle infant chiropractic adjustment. 

Traumatic Birth Syndrome Chiropractor in Athens, GA