Pain may stem from an acute injury, or it may linger needlessly for years as a chronic issue that wrecks your quality of life. Our natural, conservative treatment methods can help resolve acute pain or manage chronic pain so you don’t have to turn to invasive surgeries or potentially dangerous drugs for relief. Ask us to create a personalized pain management plan for your specific needs!

Herniated Disc

When a disc in the spine begins to leak fluid, it puts extra pressure on the nerve roots around the spine. These extremely sensitive nerves may cause mild pain or agony, depending on the severity of the slipped disc and the treatments used. Before your herniated disc gets worse, let our Athens chiropractor take a look. We use heat and ice therapy to reduce inflammation and chiropractic manipulations to restore alignment and relieve nerve pressure.

Headaches & Migraines

From recurring tension headaches to chronic migraines, a variety of common headaches can seriously interfere with your everyday life. We take your headache pain seriously at Anthony Chiropractic. Our team uses all-natural healing techniques to reduce your tension, relieve your pain, and prevent your headaches from recurring. For example, our Athens chiropractor uses spinal manipulation methods to correct misalignments that cause head and neck pain, but Dr. Anthony will also help you adjust your lifestyle and work environment to prevent tension. Everything from sensory stimulation to lack of sleep may trigger headaches, and we want to help you eliminate the pain for good.

Shoulder pain

Arthritis, bursitis and other localized issues can cause shoulder pain, or your pain may be referred from another part of the body. We can evaluate your condition and prescribe corrective exercises,s spinal adjustments and/or massage to help you feel better.

Leg weakness and sciatica

ulging or herniated discs can pinch the sciatic nerve roots, causing leg weakness and sciatica. Our Athens chiropractor can correct your spinal alignment and disc position to relieve these symptoms.

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